Extracurricular Activities

Pisi GNU/Linux

Development Volunteer

  • Pisi Linux is an end-user-oriented GNU/Linux distribution that is based on the Pardus 2011 version, which includes the PiSi package management system, developed by the free software community, provides great convenience to computer users in installation, configuration and use, and aims to meet users' main desktop needs.
  • Responsibilities I carried out includes:
    • Adopting new desktop environments to Pisi GNU/Linux and maintaining them. Such as GNOME, Pantheon etc..
    • Improving OS Init and Auth system by re-arranging PAM & Shadow configuration from scratch.
    • Detecting bugs in the parts of the OS which inherited from old Pardus and modernizing them if necessary.

Microsoft Learn

Student Ambassador

  • The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors program is a global group of on-campus ambassadors who are eager to help students and their communities, lead in their local tech circles, and develop technical and career skills for the future. As a Student Ambassador, you might find yourself organizing a campus or community hackathon, mentoring other students, or volunteering with an elementary school STEM class.