Undergraduate Researcher, Bilkent University Software Engineering and Data Analytics Research Group (BILSEN) (Ankara, Turkey)

Jan 2023 — Present
  • Conducting research on software analytics under the supervision of Asst. Prof. Dr. Eray Tüzün at Bilkent University.

Software Engineering Intern, ASELSAN A.Ş. (Ankara, Turkey)

Aug 2023 — Sep 2023
  • Developed a Windows Forms application using .NET Framework that listens to the structured communication between multiple military domain-specific hardware over TCP/IP, then visualizes and logs the data transmitted between them.

R&D Engineering Intern, Arçelik Global (Istanbul, Turkey)

Jul 2023 — Aug 2023
  • Enhanced the company’s data acquisition system which gathers data such as temperature, fan level, and power consumption from the household appliances by fixing several bugs in the embedded software running on microcontroller units.
  • Built a mobile application called UDAQ-M to enable real-time data monitoring of household appliances so that R&D engineers can observe the behavior of the appliances during the testing phase, benefiting the previously mentioned data acquisition system.
  • Conducted an in-house training session on documenting embedded software using Doxygen, providing engineers with essential insights and practical knowledge on software documentation processes.

Computer Engineering Intern, TÜRASAŞ (Ankara, Turkey)

Aug 2022 — Sep 2022
  • Implemented a Privileged Access Management System for the company’s internal use by combining several open-source solutions. The IT department there currently uses the system.

DevOps Engineering Intern, Jotform Inc. (Ankara, Turkey)

Jun 2022 — Aug 2022
  • Delivered two projects, named Api-Doc and Uptime Dashboard, which aimed to improve the company’s DevOps and software development practices.
  • Participated in many in-house training sessions on software development processes.