Courses Taken

At Bilkent University, Department of Computer Engineering

2023-2024 Spring*

CS443: Cloud Computing  ·  CS453: Application Lifecycle Management  ·  CS476: Automata Theory and Formal Languages  ·  CS490: Senior Research Project  ·  CS492: Senior Design Project II

2023-2024 Fall

CS399: Summer Training II  ·  CS461: Artificial Intelligence  ·  CS464: Introduction to Machine Learning  ·  CS473: Algorithms I  ·  CS491: Senior Design Project I  ·  IE400: Principles of Engineering Management

2022-2023 Spring

CS342: Operating Systems  ·  CS353: Database Systems  ·  CS390: Individual Research Study  ·  EEE391: Basics of Signals and Systems  ·  GE301: Science Technology and Society  ·  MSC110: The Culture and Basics of Music Making

2022-2023 Fall

CS299: Summer Training I  ·  CS315: Programming Languages  ·  CS319: Object-Oriented Software Engineering  ·  ENG401: Technical Report Writing and Presentation  ·  MATH230: Probability and Statistics for Engineers  ·  LAW211: Basic Concepts of Law

2021-2022 Spring

CS202: Fundamental Structures of Computer Science II  ·  CS224: Computer Organization  ·  HUM112: Cultures Civilizations and Ideas II  ·  MATH225: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations  ·  PHYS102: General Physics II

2021-2022 Fall

CS201: Fundamental Structures of Computer Science I  ·  CS223: Digital Design  ·  GE251: Collegiate Activities Program II  ·  HIST200: History of Turkey  ·  HUM111: Cultures Civilizations and Ideas I  ·  PHYS101: General Physics I

2020-2021 Spring

CS102 Algorithms and Programming II  ·  ENG102: English and Composition II  ·  GE250: Collegiate Activities Program I  ·  MATH102: Calculus II  ·  MATH132: Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics  ·  TURK102: Turkish II

2020-2021 Fall

CS101: Algorithms and Programming I  ·  ENG101: English and Composition I  ·  GE100: Orientation  ·  MATH101: Calculus I  ·  MBG110: Introduction to Modern Biology  ·  TURK101: Turkish I

*Current semester